Special Coatings
Special coatings are available on all I.T.S. thermowells to provide extra protection against specific contact fluids in the process. Coatings include:- Unichrome, PVC, teflon, stellite, tungsten carbide, ceramic, lead and others.

Heat Treatment
I.T.S. can supply thermowells that have been heat treated for your specific application


Ordering information required.
• Construction type: Fabricated or barstock
• Construction style: Parallel, taper or step-down
• Material: Brass, S/S, incoloy etc
• Instrument and process connection thread type & size
• Flange size & rating, head/lagging length (std 50mm)
• Immersion length
• Bore diameter
• Stem diameters: 1. Parallel (OD)
2. Taper (stem major & minor OD’s)
3. Step-down (all OD’s)
• Lagging length (if required)
• Contact fluids/materials
• Process maximum pressure and temperature
Additional information
• Standard materials inc: Brass, 316 S/S, 304 S/S, monel, incoloy, 253MA, carbon steel and many others. (Materials selection chart available on request).
• Standard instrument connections: 1/4” to 1” BSP or NPT (others on request).
• Standard process connections: 3/8” to 2” BSP or NPT (others on request).
• Flange and weld metal are of the same material unless otherwise specified.
• All flanged fabricated thermowells are supplied with forged flanges conforming to Australian, American, British and European standards as specified and are stamped accordingly.
• Test thermowells can be supplied with plug and chain or cap and chain, in either brass or steel.
• All thermowells can be stamped with material, part no. and location tag no.
• Thermowell overall maximum length subject to material availability and some manufacturing limits – eg. bore drilling.

All I.T.S. barstock thermowells are subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test to ensure reliability. Extremely critical installations may require further inspection of the metal structure. Listed below are various testing certificates available if required:-
• Certified material test certificate
• Certified spectroanalysis test certificate
• Certified dye penetrant test certificate
• Certified ultrasonic test certificate
• Certified material hardness test certificate
• Certified material compliance certificate.


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