Models TES – 1326/1327

Models TES – 1326/1327

Hand Held & Fixed Models Available.
• 0.1°C/0.2°F Resolution
• -20°C~500°C
• Built-in Laser sighting/Backlight
• LCD display
• Real-Time Measurement
• Memory/Read logging Capacity (99Sets) (1327)
• Adjustable emissivity (1327)
• MAX/MIN Reading (1327)

Infrared Non Contact Thermometer
A vast range of portable hand held and fixed Infrared Detectors are available to cover most industrial applications where surface temperature needs to be monitored.

All surfaces emit Infrared Radiation at varying spectral response. This is referred to as emissivity and varies between 0 and 1 depending on surface colour and texture. An enclosed Black Body Furnace has an emissivity of 1.0 and is accepted as a Calibration standard.

For accurate measurement the emissivity of the surface should be known and an IR unit with adjustable emissivity to match the surface should be used.

Remember, Infrared is for surface temperature only, it does not

Hand held units with no emissivity adjustment are usually preset at
around 0.95 which covers dull surfaces from Grey to Black.

When enquiring, the following information is essential:
1. Surface of Product
2. Temperature Range
3. Target Distance
4. Target Size
5. Surround atmosphere, eg: Vapour, Dust etc.
As these units are an optical focused device, it is necessary to keep the front lens free of dust and vapour. To achieve this, both cooling and air purge attachments are available for fixed installations.


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